Why Electric Wheelchair?

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You can find certainly various models of wheelchair on the market available yet generally they are either powered by humankind (manual) or by machine (electronic). An electric wheelchair is defined as one that is operated by an electric powered motor along with a navigation control while a manual one is driven much by turning the back wheels by the seated person using the hands. Electric powered motorized wheel chair also happens to be regarded as power wheelchair for your information.
Difference between a power motorized wheel chair and any manual wheelchair
Try to lift up an electric powered one in comparison with a manual one, have you ever discover that the manual one is much lighter weight for the reason that the second is almost certainly lack of the heavy batteries and motors.
And so are there several different sorts of wheelchair? If yes what are they actually??
Power wheelchairs basically are available in 2 builds, one with belt drives and the other are those with gear drives. Electrical wheelchairs accompanied by belt drives run at lowest noise level but yet have to have frequent routine maintenance. All those with gear drives usually call for exceptionally bare minimum servicing yet got worn out extremely rather quickly therefore require changing very habitually.
Have you ever went out there and see how does a simple electric wheelchair looks like? Basically with a joystick and a set of standard batteries at the behind are all you can observe. More sophisticated ones now come with gyroscopic circuitry (controlled by micro-processors), that allow the person to lift the chair above normal level.
How do you understand by wheelchair propelling then?
There are many ways that a wheelchair can be propelled namely by the rear wheel, front wheel or so called the midwheel. You should do some background study of how these 3 forms of wheelchair propelling so as to ensure that the wheelchair you are getting suits you the best.
How about the batteries to be used for wheelchairs? Are there any different type as well?
3 types of batteries that are typically used are the wet batteries, gel batteries and agm batteries. Factors that you should consider when choosing the right batteries are pricing, frequency of maintenance, performance, weight, chances of over-charging, life span or durability, as well as environmental friendliness. Do note that you may not necessarily get a new or replacement battery from a wheelchair supplier as you have the liberty to look for an electrical supplier too. It may cost cheaper.
Do not simply get one from any unlicensed or un-reputable supplier as you face the undesirable risks and dangers of poor-quality or non-lasting wheelchairs that could potentially risk your life. Do some homework and study before you have decided to get one within your own budget.

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Why Electric Wheelchair?

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This article was published on 2011/04/10